The Gimbal platform is architected to be extensible to other premium providers in the MarTech and AdTech ecosystems. Integrations with media inventory providers, creative tools, and measurement solutions allow advertisers and marketers to select best-in-breed providers as they see fit.

Today, we are proud to announce our integration with mParticle – the customer data platform for every screen. mParticle enables sophisticated marketers at companies including Venmo, Starwood, NBC Universal, Spotify, and Airbnb to integrate and orchestrate their entire growth stack. This allows them to create a unified view of customers and easily forward data to their partners to deliver personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

With the Gimbal integration, existing mParticle customers can now forward real-time mobile location data like long/lat coordinates, visit session start and end times, and push notification registrations directly to Gimbal’s platform. Not all data is accessible when compared to Gimbal’s full location SDK but certain location information is provided for developers if they are already using the mParticle suite.

Customers can then use this data to execute location-based mobile advertising and marketing campaigns via the Gimbal campaign management console.

For example:

  • Retargeting: Use geofences to determine if a user is within close proximity of your out-of home billboard and retarget them with a mobile ad.
  • Attribution: Use beacons to determine if a store visit can be attributed to ad exposure
  • Insights: Learn which locations your customers visit and at what times by analyzing their movement patterns

For a complete list of platforms Gimbal integrates with, visit our Integrations page.