How MediaMath and NeXt Are Supercharging Performance Media

by | Mar 18, 2024

“Reach the right audience in the right place with the right message” is something most marketers today have heard of and strive for, but making it a reality is much harder than it sounds. They know it well: In the face of increasingly fragmented consumer habits, it’s harder than ever to optimize investments, reach target audiences, and drive cross-channel performance. The tech stack is also becoming more complex and siloed, which means more spend, less transparency, unaligned strategies, and difficulty changing course in the face of market conditions or a shift in consumer habits.

Today’s advertisers facing these challenges need a partner that goes beyond execution and can connect the dots of the advertising ecosystem more holistically. With Infillion’s acquisition of MediaMath, the performance media of NeXt is able to achieve just that – helping advertisers to reach new audiences and drive mid- to lower-funnel objectives with a full-service end-to-end solution. In other words, this union of technologies is creating a new standard for performance advertising.

Sound unbelievable? Here are three concrete ways in which NeXt, infused with the power of Infillion’s owned-and-operated MediaMath DSP, is helping advertisers to drive more efficient, performance-based campaigns.


Powerful, Data-Driven Targeting

The long-awaited deprecation of third-party cookies is finally upon us. That means targeting the right audience in a relevant and personalized way – while also deduplicating for efficiency – is getting even tougher and more expensive. But by utilizing Infillion TrueTargeting within NeXt campaigns, advertisers can combine unique and proprietary data to target the audience right for them:

  • Proprietary first-party location data to reach the ideal audience with pinpoint accuracy
  • 100% opted-in, zero-party survey data for more personalized targeting and creative
  • Proprietary MediaMath audiences such as contextual, CPG, and keyword audiences, built on observed and transactional data from billions of consumer records. Brands can also expand reach with lookalike solutions powered by MediaMath audiences.
  • The ability to build custom audiences by layering in your CRM and any 3rd party data with Infillion’s data, expanding the breadth of a brand’s reach.

Once they have the right targeting, brands can create a seamless cross-device campaign with outstanding deduplicated reach through Infillion’s proprietary identity graph, XGraph, of over two billion digital touchpoints. Or apply any ID of choice with MediaMath’s agnostic identity approach that allows any identifier to transact natively on the platform. As the cookieless future becomes the cookieless reality, having MediaMath’s flexible identity core helps to expand addressability, and never constrains brands to a one-size-fits-all approach.


Meet Your Business Goals with Curated Marketplaces

The addition of MediaMath Curated Marketplaces for NeXt campaigns is helping advertisers to create more efficient campaigns with inventory unique to their goals. By curating private marketplaces of performance-based and brand safe inventory based on a specific vertical or optimized to a KPI, they’re more likely to reach their target audiences with contextual relevance. With MediaMath’s strict privacy compliance and being able to meet the restrictions of certain publishers, curated marketplaces can also provide scale for regulated industries such as Pharma, Kids, Political, Gaming, and more.

The best part is that all of this is created and customized with the incredible service of NeXt’s performance media experts. Yes, that’s right – in the age of AI, real human guidance and insight.


Performance-Based Optimization

Finally, NeXt can eliminate guesswork by leveraging the MediaMath Brain, our proprietary suite of machine learning tools, to drive unmatched efficiency and optimize spend. While the ad tech industry has been talking about using machine learning for campaign optimization for years, The Brain actually does it in 3 essential ways:

  • Dynamic Budget Allocation: Automatically shifts budgets to the best performing strategies and the optimal times/days.
  • Brain Sync: Optimizes supply based on the advertiser’s specific campaign performance.
  • First-Party Signal Optimization: Feeds the MediaMath Brain with Infillion audience data and/or Arrival footfall attribution data to drive better targeting & performance. This ability to connect real-world attribution with real-time optimization helps advertisers reach and exceed their goals.

The Brain’s direct data feed to our suppliers allows them to optimize the inventory they’re sending us, something no other DSP can do. The results from this detailed level of optimization can be staggering – a multinational technology company activated Brain Sync to automatically optimize the buy toward their campaign goal, and saw a 43% increase in marketing ROI.

The advertising ecosystem may be becoming more and more complex, but a full-service partner like NeXt from Infillion can help brands connect the dots – and now with the powerful data, curation and optimization services from MediaMath, we can drive unmatched efficiency and performance for every campaign. Not only will advertisers no longer have to worry that any portion of their spend has been wasted, they’ll be informed and in control the whole time to know the campaign is working.

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