One of the great things about Gimbal beacons is that they’re incredibly low-maintenance.

Once you’ve purchased them and placed them about your location (store, arena, OOH asset, etc), there’s little else you have to do.

No complicated installation. No confusing configuration. No frequently recurring maintenance. Just deploy them where you want and you’re ready to start powering your marketing and advertising efforts with location-based triggers.

There’s only one expected scenario where a beacon requires maintenance after deployment: when they need a change of battery.

Depending on the use case, battery life might not be all that critical (maybe you’re deploying beacons for a particular event, or for only a set amount of time). However, in many cases, having to continually monitor power drain and replace beacon batteries – especially in large-scale enterprise deployments – can be a massive and unnecessary undertaking.

A Better Beacon

At Gimbal, we wanted to remove this unnecessary hassle. Which is why we’re very excited to announce the launch of the Series 22 Beacon, featuring the longest battery life of any beacon we’ve ever created.

Four years to be precise. Transmitting every 100MS. Running 24 hours a day. And configurable to last even longer, if needed.

The Series 22 Gimbal beacon, the latest and most power-efficient beacon in the Gimbal product line.

With four years of battery life, you can deploy beacons across your locations at a massive scale that requires little-to-no maintenance. The longer the battery lasts, the more time and money you save avoiding costly replacements, dramatically increasing the return on your investment.

Zero Hassle From the Start

While long battery life is the defining feature, the S22 also enjoys the same conveniences as our other proximity products.

Namely, Gimbal beacons never need configuration and are uniquely identifiable by the Gimbal SDK straight from the factory. This makes it easy for you to keep track of each unit in bulk.

Each beacon features dual-sided industrial tape and is water resistant. When the time finally comes to replace the batteries, removal is a breeze.

Reliable Location. Deeper Insights

Many use cases require precise location in order for the application experience to trigger as expected. When the signal consistency fluctuates it can result in false positives or negatives, causing the application to trigger at the wrong time. Gimbal’s unique antenna design was developed by Qualcomm engineers to transmit a reliable signal – always.

As with all other Gimbal beacons, the S22 enables best-in-class mobile app detection to collect location data regardless of whether or not the app is actively being used. The result is a richer understanding of your user’s behavior as the data you collect is accurate and comprehensive.

The other beacon models in the Gimbal fleet.

Gimbal’s extended product line continues to combine leading hardware design and beacon firmware with comprehensive, enterprise-grade management tools to create the best digital-to-physical bridge and enhance location and proximity-triggered mobile engagements.

The Series 22 Beacon is available now for purchase at the Gimbal store.