We no longer live in an exclusively physical world. In just three years time there will be 30 billion connected devices, each leaving digital footprints of our physical existence.

Our offline world is now online.

For marketers, this means we now have access to troves of consumer data that, if properly integrated, can unlock personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns that capitalize on a person’s context. Indeed, nearly 80% of senior marketers who reported exceeding their revenue goals had a personalization strategy in place.

Specifically, location data is critical in allowing marketers to understand consumers’ offline context as they move about the world. Yet, collecting location data isn’t easy. Neither is contextualizing that data.

That’s why we at Gimbal are supremely excited to introduce Gimbal Connector.

Seamless Data Integration

Gimbal Connector allows you to integrate Gimbal’s real-time location data into your marketing and business intelligence tools for instant activation and audience analytics.

Gimbal collects massive amounts of 1st party, always on location data from our network of mobile SDKs.  This data tells us where people go, what they do, and ultimately uncovers the actions that lead to buying decisions.

Gimbal Connector makes integrating all that data easy. Via the Gimbal Mobile SDK, you can start capturing key place events (consumer entries, exists, and dwell-time) or other customized data points that are immediately ported into your marketing cloud. Once integrated, plan and activate marketing that’s triggered from the offline behavior of your consumers.

How It Works

When a customer enters a location you’re interested in monitoring with a mobile phone (that has a Gimbal SDK installed in your app), Gimbal detects the entry, exit, and dwell-time of that customer visit. This is accomplished through either a Bluetooth, low-energy beacon installed at that location or a Gimbal geofence.

That data is relayed to Gimbal software where it’s fed into the CMS or CRM of your choosing.

In this example, Gimbal place data is ported directly into the Salesforce Journey Builder to activate contextual marketing campaigns.

Here, the possibilities are endless:

  • Identify existing customers or capture new customers that visit your location but don’t have your app.
  • Plan integrated digital and physical, real-time marketing campaigns via push notifications or email marketing.
  • Measure the success of your campaigns using location data to track the behavior of customers who visited your location.
  • and many more use cases…

Get Started with Gimbal Connector

Don’t keep your marketing in the dark. Unlock your location data to power the relevancy of your omnichannel communications. To learn more, see our current list of integrations, or reach out directly, click here.