Uncomplicating the Customer Journey: An eMarketer Webinar Conversation with Laurel Rossi, CMO of Infillion

by | Jun 30, 2023

In today’s digital landscape, understanding and navigating the customer journey has become more vital than ever for businesses across various industries. In a recent eMarketer Tech-Talk webinar, industry experts Nancy Taffers-Santos and Laurel Rossi shed light on the intricacies of the customer journey and the strategies that can make it more streamlined, effective, and privacy-forward. With captivating insights and real-life examples, this webinar conversation provides valuable knowledge for marketers looking to enhance customer engagement.

Adapting to a Complex Customer Journey. The customer journey has evolved significantly, with technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviors playing a pivotal role. Laurel Rossi, CMO of Infillion, emphasizes the need to understand and adapt to this complexity. Gone are the days of linear TV advertising being the primary driver of brand awareness. 

Laurel Rossi explains how digital transformation has revolutionized the way brands capture attention. She highlights how even legacy brands like Lunchables have successfully navigated the changing landscape by tapping into cultural insights and engaging customers through captivating experiences.”The customer journey has become complex and valuable, not only for CPG brands but across many industries…How do you get awareness when everybody seems to know your brand?” Lunchables’ innovative approach combines nostalgia, cultural zeitgeist, and captivating installations to engage both children and parents. This showcases the importance of staying relevant and memorable, even for brands with high awareness levels.


Orchestrating the Customer Journey. The webinar went on to discuss how to solve the challenges marketers face along the modern customer journey, including keeping up with evolving technology, orchestration across different screens, and optimizing middlemen involvement. Laurel Rossi emphasizes the importance of simplifying the customer journey, both for customers and advertisers, to ensure a seamless experience. “Making all the elements work together is essential. We need to make the user experience not just understandable for the customer but also for the advertisers and their agency partners.”


Data, Measurement, and Proactive Strategies. Data plays a crucial role in understanding the customer journey and measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Rossi explains that “the era of having unilateral data sets is over. Your data should be dynamic and managed as part of the journey orchestration process.” Marketers must proactively stay on top of privacy regulations and leverage data dynamically and holistically. By adopting proactive strategies, marketers can effectively navigate the evolving landscape while making data-driven decisions.



The webinar conversation between Nancy Taffers-Santos and Laurel Rossi provides valuable insights into the complex and captivating world of the customer journey. Marketers must proactively embrace data, simplify their approach, and leverage innovative solutions to deliver seamless customer experiences. By understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by the customer journey, advertisers can shape the industry’s future and build meaningful connections with their target audience. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the industry’s top experts and take control of your customer journey strategy.

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