Infillion’s Day of Giving, Coast to Coast

by | Feb 13, 2023

At Infillion, we love the work that we do, but we also love working together. Better yet, when we are able to come together to do good and serve our communities, we are truly living out our value of being Inclusive & Empathetic

On January 25th, Infillion’s Culture Club hosted our first “Day of Giving,” a day dedicated to volunteering and giving back to our communities across the country. From coast to coast, each regional office hosted a group volunteer event in service of a local organization. There were also opportunities for our remote employees to participate in writing cards for hospitalized kids or offering their skills to nonprofits through Catch a Fire.

Day of giving collage

And what a day of giving it was! We had employees participating in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Granville, New York and virtually. In total we packed almost 4,000 meal kits for those struggling with food insecurity, wrote 100+ cards for hospitalized children, and sorted 20+ boxes of donated clothing for the unhoused. Not only was it great to serve our communities and organizations, we had a fantastic time doing it together! 

Here are some highlights from the different cities!

New York

The New York office worked with God’s Love We Deliver in Soho. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of New Yorkers by alleviating hunger and malnutrition through access to nutritious, high-quality meals. This crew of 25 had an amazing day making food, prepping meals, and getting them ready for delivery. Some worked in a giant freezer and others around large tables, taking part in a well-oiled assembly line. In the three hours that we were there, we made 2,080 dinner meals, 500 breakfast meals, and over 250 fish cakes!

Day of Giving NYC

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles office started the day with Andrew Linares, the Midnight Mission Volunteer Manager, giving an incredibly moving testimonial of his own experience as a recipient of help from their Healthy Living Program. He spoke about the services the program offers to provide food, shelter, and technology to help provide a path to self-sufficiency to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness on Skid Row and surrounding communities.

After his speech, they split into two groups. One group packed delicious lunches for Midnight Mission to hand out, while the other sorted all the clothing donations brought in by the Infillion team – some leftover Infillion t-shirts were also contributed to the cause!

day of giving la


The Seattle office got together to craft 31 handwritten cards through Cards For Hospitalized Kids. They wrote encouraging messages and did their best to make the cards bright and colorful with stickers, drawings and craft supplies! They even played around with AI to get inspiration for inspirational phrases. 

Day of Giving Seattle


The Chicago team partnered with Off the Street Club, the oldest club for girls and boys in Chicago, founded in 1900. OTSC serves over 3,000 kids annually in one of the country’s most dangerous neighborhoods. The organization aims to give children the self-esteem and confidence to reach their full potential through mentorship and a number of other programs.

The Chicago team had a tour of the facilities, helped the staff with three projects, and then ended the day by having fun with some of the kids! 

day of giving chicago


In Granville, Ohio, the team experienced how the Food Pantry Network, serving Licking County Ohio, serves community members who are food insecure. What a morning they had! In two assembly lines, they packed 840 grocery bags with snacks, water, and canned spaghetti and meatballs. They had a great time laughing and swapping stories as they worked together. 

day of giving granville

We want to say thank you again to our coworkers who participated in this day, giving their time and talents. We also want to give one more shout out to the amazing non-profits and organizations we worked with and encourage you to learn more about the great work that they do. 

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