Mobile Advertising Yield Management: A Definitive Guide

Every digital advertising professional wants their mobile ads to reach their target audience at the right time, all of the time. And of course, they want their mobile ad campaigns to produce the highest possible ROI. Sounds like the things mobile advertising dreams are made of, right? Well, it’s time you awoke to the fact […]

Mobile App Attribution: An Introduction

Successful mobile advertising campaigns are made up of many important elements. By now, you’re probably already avoiding some common mobile advertising mistakes, which can definitely be beneficial to your brand. But if you fail to measure out just one critical ingredient correctly, it could cause your campaign to deflate — costing you time and money. Thankfully, […]

Why a DSP Needs an Integrated DMP

If you’re a media buyer, you’ve likely started using a Demand Side Platform (DSP) to help automate the mobile ad buying process. And if you have, kudos! This means you’re well on your way to producing powerful, effective mobile advertising campaigns. But what if I told you that your DSP isn’t working as effectively as those of […]

The Most Popular Mobile Display Ad Sizes for 2016

With over 29 percent of mobile users’ screen time spent looking at smartphones, it’s no wonder that mobile phone sizes are constantly evolving. And, consequently, mobile ad display sizes have changed to accommodate both varying phone and tablet sizes as well as mobile user behavior. But with all of these new ad display sizes, how do […]

3 Smart Mobile Ad Targeting Strategies to Implement Now

Does your mobile advertising strategy need a boost? Before you rethink your entire mobile marketing game plan, you may want to first consider changing just one part of your strategy: targeting the right customers. If your mobile ads aren’t a hit with consumers, you are likely making some common mobile audience targeting errors. And trust me: […]

Mobile DSPs, SSPs and RTB: What’s the Difference?

Acronyms. They can be helpful when technical terms are particularly too long, plus they keep your text messages short and concise. And, let’s face it, when used properly they can make you sound pretty smart. But certain acronyms can also be the bane of your existence when you’re left confused and wondering if you used […]