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Infillion has combined the industry’s best talent and technology to create an advanced, full-service media-buying platform for CTV, display, video, audio, and OOH advertising.

Our trusted products deliver consumer attention, award-winning creative, quality inventory and scale that help agencies and brands create smarter, more effective campaigns, without compromise.

One Platform. Custom Solutions. Superior Service.

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A full-service offering for brands of all sizes

Everything you need to run highly effective campaigns, without compromise

Exceptional Inventory

Exceptional Inventory

Our network of 100+ premium publishers, across all devices, includes Fox, Hulu, A&E, Freeform, Roku, and ABC. Our InStadium inventory reaches 97% of stadiums.

Unique Video & Rich Media Ads

Unique Video & Rich Media Ads

Tap into our award-winning formats that deliver 110% greater attention, measured by leading attention-metric providers.

Proprietary ID Graph

Proprietary ID Graph

Achieve precision identification and outstanding reach without duplication across video, display, and digital OOH—including 87 million connected TV households and 150 million mobile devices.

Full-Funnel Targeting

Full-Funnel Targeting

Infillion’s TrueTargeting™ delivers 30% more CTV matches than industry standard graphs by using our owned location data, client 1P data, and relationships with premium publishers.

Superior Data & Insight

Superior Data & Insight

Measure what matters to you. With Infillion’s measurement products, you can gain insights into the behavior of customers in-store and online, gauge overall brand impact, and prove ad spend ROI.

Award-winning creative services at no extra cost

Capture consumers’ attention

Infillion’s Creative Studio turns your assets into interactive cross-platform experiences. From mobile-rich media and interactive units to shoppable TV commercials and live event experiences, our team of specialists creates engaging campaigns across the full customer journey. Bring your brand to life with innovative creative that spurs action online and offline.

Infillion’s products are the building blocks for your KPIs

Choose one of our high-performance products, or combine them to achieve multiple objectives


Make a splash
Award-winning interactive ads can get consumers at any stage of the purchase funnel engaged and curious.


Supercharge your sales
Build shoppable ads that let your customers add products directly to their carts at major retailers or your own website.


Find magic moments
With your brand’s data and our first-party location data, you can continue to reach consumers at the right place at the right time.


Wow the crowds
Digital out-of-home inventory in sports stadiums has never been this exciting—especially since you can retarget fans long after the game is over.

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Engage and scale
Combine Infillion products into a single custom campaign. Reach and retarget audiences across every digital channel and device—CTV, display, video, audio, and OOH.

Break down silos

Bridge your consumers’ online and offline behavior

Consumers no longer differentiate their online and offline behaviors. Actions that start online are fulfilled in the physical world, and vice versa. With our world-class Gimbal technology, Infillion Commerce connects consumers’ real-time location data and in-store actions to their online behavior for a more holistic view of their shopping journey. Put the power of place to work for your business and customers.

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Unlock success with Infillion

Offering a tailored approach for every client, from guidance to full-service custom collaboration, we transform your objectives into reality.