The Mobile Majority has built a complete mobile advertising platform for the most recognizable brands in the world… and you.

In 2007, advertisers were finally getting comfortable advertising in a digital world.

Then the iPhone hit.

In an instant, the announcement shifted the mindset of consumers around the world and set into motion a series of events that would shape the way companies tried to reach them.

Advertising had changed forever.

On the brink of this new medium, many ad tech companies worked to adapt the desktop solutions they had been building up to that point.

Other mobile-specific companies emerged, offering solutions for the capabilities of these new smart devices.

The result was this:

A complicated, fragmented, messy mobile ecosystem filled with countless vendors and niche solutions.

At best, it was a cobbled approach to solving a problem that no one saw coming. At worst, it was a usability nightmare.

Today, The Mobile Majority has rebuilt the entire ecosystem with an advertiser’s experience in mind. No more logging into various interfaces, no more wondering if one technology is going to break inside another – just a unified platform that gives brands the power and flexibility they need to run an effective mobile ad campaign.

Powerful, yet flexible – sophisticated, yet intuitive.

This is AdSynergy 2.0.

The Mobile Majority has submitted our platform to the 2015 User Experience Awards. To vote for us, click the link below.