Extend your OOH advertising 

by reaching audiences exposed to your billboards across all digital touchpoints

Extend your OOH advertising 

by reaching audiences exposed to your billboards across all digital touchpoints

Out-of-Home companies can now deliver unified marketing campaigns originating on their static and digital billboard assets and amplify them across the entire customer journey. This enables you to:

  • Grow your revenue
  • Expand your offering
  • Execute cross-platform digital extensions
  • Drive and measure increased foot traffic
  • Deliver full-funnel marketing solutions
  • Access a turnkey solution, managed by experts

Gimbal has partnered with some of the largest OOH entities in the world to incorporate digital extension strategies to target and reach desired consumers

Augment your OOH strategy to amplify your advertiser’s brand and measure the impact 

Unique 1st Party Data

Leverage our always-on location data to accurately identify consumers who have been directly exposed to your OOH advertising

Cross-Device Targeting

Extend your OOH message across multiple consumer touchpoints (mobile/desktop/tablet/CTV) to further influence consumer engagement

Footfall Attribution

Close the loop between OOH and the consumer’s purchase journey with in-store foot traffic measurement and actionable consumer insights

How OOH + Digital Extension Works

Bridging The Gap Between Offline and Online

Precise Virtual Boundaries

Premium Geofencing

Geofences are drawn around OOH locations via proprietary polygonal and radial geofencing technology for audience data collection.

Accuracy is ensured using ViewField methodology so only those that were directly exposed to your billboard will be retargeted.


Cross-Device Targeting

Use device matching technology to map those consumers exposed to your OOH message and reach them on all their devices including smartphone, tablet, desktop, and connected TV.

By combining OOH with 1st party location insights and online consumption patterns, you are able to create a single view of your consumer for more streamlined targeting.

Extend to Similar People

Reach New Audiences 

Gimbal’s platform finds people who share the same demographic information, location, interests, and behaviors of your OOH exposed audience to expand your cumulative reach. As a result, advertisers can target more of the people they want to reach based on details like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Brand Affinity
  • Online/Offline Behaviors
  • and more…


Bring Your Brand To Life

Go beyond your billboard signage and deliver your message via interactive rich media, vertical videos, mobile coupons, and more – all available through our in-house creative capabilities.

measure the impact

Close the Loop

Understand the impact of your OOH advertising with cross-device reach via rich campaign reporting and footfall attribution.

Over time, valuable audience insights about the consumers who converted can be aggregated and analyzed to help inform future campaign planning including billboard site selection and placement.

“The OOH challenge and opportunity is to grow with digital.”
– Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO, OAAA

By The Numbers

OOH is a Growing Medium

*Kantar Media and OAAA Research Study | **Nielsen and OAAA Research Study | ***Client Case Study: InStadium and Universal Beauty Products

Connect Offline to Online

Complete the consumer journey from message to purchase.