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Your current media is just one part of the consumer journey.

Extend the length and reach of your campaigns by building an omnichannel advertising portfolio.

Offer advertisers the ability to engage their local audiences at scale with precision targeting and brilliant custom mobile experiences that integrate seamlessly with your current offerings.

Cutting-edge solutions for every industry

Addressable TV

Large format video, evolved

The future of media is not just local, it’s personal. One-to-one is quickly replacing one-to-many and forcing rapid transformation.

TV companies partner with Infillion to support the migration of billions of dollars in over-the-air spend to digital formats.

Together, we are reinventing the future of TV advertising with white-labeled ad products, massive local data scale, and proven identity and attribution solutions that don’t leave CTV viewers wondering why they’re watching the same ad for the 7th time in the last 30 minutes.


Digitize your audio ads

The radio business has been at the forefront of digital since the earliest days of internet growth. Digital audio, streaming, mobile apps, and podcasts have driven innovation and reinvention of the medium with the largest reach in the US.

Radio companies partner with Infillion to deliver the most precise and measurable digital advertising solutions available.

We connect advertisers and local audiences with respect and privacy, building on the love and engagement that only local audio can deliver.

Connect offline to online

Reach audiences everywhere

Out-0f-home companies who want to know beyond trust Infillion’s data, media, and measurement solutions. 

Infillion converts viewers of their billboards to always-on digital audiences, delivers high-impact messaging via ads further along the consumer journey, and provides highly tangible reporting and insights to prove the effectiveness of the oldest advertising medium in the nation.

A proven business model

The traditional + mobile media model is proven – and lucrative. Our media partners benefit from the addition of a mobile offering and have experienced revenue lifts of 10% or more.

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