Precise Location Solutions

Know beyond the store

Know where your customers are down to the department, aisle, or shelf by deploying beacons in your locations.

Gimbal’s Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons interact with our Location SDK to build micro-audiences. Perform highly customized messaging for app users or enable visitation measurement with hyper-precise accuracy.

Understand the complete consumer journey and capture every moment with precision and confidence.

Micro-Location, Macro Scale

Engage a customer’s mobile device from inches to 50 meters. We create low-energy, Bluetooth™ beacons with maximum flexibility, scalability, and security in mind to ensure our clients are deploying the best micro‐location solution available.

Gimbal Series 22 Proximity Beacon

Four years of uninterrupted signal

Every 100ms, Gimbal beacons transmit a Bluetooth signal capable of detecting and interacting with your location-aware mobile application. Generate consistent and precise location signals from the most secure beacon protocol in the industry.

Capable of being used indoors or outdoors, our beacons come in a variety of form factors and support multiple configurations (Apple iBeacon™, Google Eddystone™ and Gimbal Secure Mode).

Premium Bluetooth Low-Energy

Proximity Beacons

Know where your consumers are down to the inch by enabling beacons in your locations. All of Gimbal’s Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons connect your app to complete your customer’s journey – from the moment they enter your location until they leave. We offer beacons in a variety of sizes and form factors depending on your use case and battery needs.

Series 21

Series 22

Series 21

Series 21

U-Series 5

Series 10

Series 10

Premier Security for Owners

Secure transmissions ensure the highest level of consumer privacy and managed experiences while offering an opportunity for beacon owners to “digitally own” their beacon inventory. This allows beacon owners to manage mobile experiences by securely leasing access to the mobile apps and partners that they authorize while protecting you from showrooming or conquesting.

Trusted by Top Venues and Retailers

Successfully deployed in top retail environments, venues, events, museums, conferences and out-of-home assets around the globe, our secure beacons are trusted to empower engaging and consistent mobile app experiences.

Better Antennas = Better Data

Dual omni-antenna and directional-antenna designs allow Gimbal beacons to deliver superior signal clarity. Stronger signals also enable more use cases, predictable and repeatable user experiences, greater accuracy for your engagements, and better data from your campaigns.

Longer Battery, Reduced Maintenance

With Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) transmitters and superior engineering, our latest beacons last 4 years at the highest transmission rate and longer in other configurations – on just four AA batteries. They also transmit every 100ms continuously and provide temperature and battery-level data to help simplify maintenance and operations.

Flexible Firmware

Manufacturers interested in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) movement can license Gimbal’s firmware to transform products into Bluetooth® beacons using Gimbal Secure Mode.

Transform products like light bulbs, Wi-Fi® access points, appliances, and more into beacons that can communicate with smart mobile devices by embedding Gimbal firmware into your existing products running on Android™, Linux® and Windows® platforms.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

With flexibility in mind, our latest beacons are designed to NEMA 3 specifications and have been proven for exceptional performance both indoors or outdoors. This means the elements are no longer a barrier to engaging your customers with the most relevant and timely information.

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