Advertising used to be so simple. You had advertisers wanting to display their ads and publishers with space to do so. That was it. No complex digital tools, no dense measuring systems, no widespread fragmentation.

But advertising has changed.

Now it seems you can’t do a simple Google search without getting hit in the face with twenty of the latest acronyms, which can make you want to chuck something at a wall. So instead of damaging your phone beyond repair…

We’d like to make you this offer.


In this guide, we cover the basics of mobile ad tech. From clarifying the technologies to explaining the ecosystem, all of it is there for you to learn in digestible, easy-to-follow language.

Our guide consists of two eBooks:

Mobile Advertising eBook

Over 7,000 words across 10 lessons such as:

• A Mobile Industry Overview
• 25+ Terms You Need to Know
• Benefits of Mobile Media
• Viewability & Ad Fraud
• Mobile Real-Time Bidding

Mobile Advertising eBook

An additional 36 pages on topics like:

• Current Mobile Marketshare
• Ad Networks vs. Exchanges
• Audience Reach & Tracking
• Programmatic Advertising
• Measuring Success on Mobile

Become the mobile expert your organization needs.

The future of advertising is mobile because today’s consumer is mobile. Capitalize on this opportunity by downloading the most comprehensive guide in the industry.

Discover Mobile • Learn the Basics • Master Your Craft