Advanced Mobile Data Management Platform (DMP)

Mobile DMP - Audience Architect

Know what you want to say but don’t know who to tell it to? Get to know AudienceArchitect™ – our proprietary mobile DMP.

Bigger Data IS Better.

When it comes to targeting, size does matter. Start building your campaigns off our 109,000,000+ offline data profiles for the widest selection of verified mobile device users in the industry.


offline data profiles
of U.S. adults


matched from offline to online
(51% of all U.S. adults)

People Aren’t One-Dimensional

(Your targeting shouldn’t be either.)

AudienceArchitect™ leverage trillions of proprietary and 1st-party data points to provide a more complete suite of targeting options.

Audience Architect Mobile Data Management Platform

AudienceArchitect™ bolsters external data sources with a proprietary database full of billions of customer interaction records. We leverage a combination of 1st-party (SDK-level), 2nd-party (RTB-level), and 3rd-party (data provider-level) sources, in addition to our own, to optimize a campaign’s target audience in real time.

Through an ongoing process of data verification, prediction, and machine learning, our platform is able to achieve significantly higher match rates and accuracy rates than other providers. See below for a breakdown of targeting criteria:


  • Operating system
  • OS version
  • Connection
  • Location (city, state, country)
  • Time of day

  • Day of week
  • App Profiles
  • Zone (placement)
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Age Range


  • Purchase intent
  • In-market
  • AdScore™
  • *Brand lift

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