Our technology enables brands and app publishers to use the location data from your mobile device to provide the best possible experience for you. This data is used to send location-aware notifications from our customers’ apps, build highly relevant advertising audiences, and measure the impact of their marketing efforts.

As a consumer in a rapidly developing space, we know you take your privacy seriously and we do too. We are committed to the concepts of transparency and choice when it comes to privacy. That’s why we developed LocationChoices –  a free consumer app designed to educate individuals about what location data they share and make it easier for them to exercise their rights. LocationChoices is available for iOS and Android and allows consumers to register their device on a blacklist to ensure their location data is never used by Gimbal. In the future, we believe other companies in our space will also honor the individual requests of consumers.

The policies below apply to all of Gimbal’s digital properties including infillion.com, manager.gimbal.com, Hello Gimbal (iOS | Android), and the Gimbal Beacon Manager (iOS | Android) mobile application.

To learn more about how we collect and use your data, as well as your rights as a consumer, please read the sections below.