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We know why you’re here. You received our special holiday message. Unfortunately, we’re not really Santa. Nor do we know him personally. We don’t even drive sleighs through the snow.

We do mobile advertising.

So while we may not be able to grant every wish, we’d like to think we can help you with some things – especially if they have to do with driving eyeballs to the brands you support.

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Your 2015 Holiday Wishlist

Add anything you want. Seriously. Anything.

To leave work by five (12/14/2015)

To never hear the word “viewability” again (12/14/2015)

The new Adele album (12/14/2015)

For my client to get run over by a reindeer (12/15/2015)

A squatty potty (12/15/2015)

A lightsaber with corresponding Jedi training (12/18/2015)

Vacation (12/21/2015)

An ice cream maker (12/21/2015)

A visa giftcard (12/22/2015)

A nice bottle of wine (12/22/2015)

For my ads to not get the $#!T blocked out of them (12/14/2015)

No more vendors who promise presents but then deliver coal (12/14/2015)

For conference calls to play holiday tunes as their on-hold music all year long (12/15/2015)

A hoverboard (specifically one that doesn’t explode) (12/15/2015)

A dance-off to determine the winner of the presidential election (12/18/2015)

Meat and cheese (12/21/2015)

A pony and a million dollars in unmarked twenties (12/21/2015)

Hoverboard too, but I guess I’ll take a puppy – big fat fluffy one (12/22/2015)

To wake up Christmas morning without a client emergency sitting in my Inbox (12/22/2015)

Undisturbed sleep (12/22/2015)