Building the World’s First
Connected Garden

A Unified Technology for Maintaining the Value of Consumer Data

We’re here to stop the industry from eating itself.

We’re here to activate the data of everything and make it usable for everyone. To communicate to the specific individual, not the ambiguous group. To commit to advertising that captivates and marketing that engages. To stop bombarding consumers with messages they don’t want to see.

To finally prioritize quality over quantity.

Why "Connected Garden?"

In the digital age, we have what are called “Walled Gardens.” A Walled Garden is any platform that owns its own media environment – from the data it collects, to the tools it uses, to the inventory it sells (think Facebook and Google). This allows the Walled Garden to maintain the value of its data for targeting and attribution, but restricts others from taking advantage. Ultimately, marketers and content creators lose.

A Connected Garden breaks down these walls, combining the data collection of the Walled Gardens with the media execution and transparency of an independent vendor.

Integrated Technology for Every Step in the Supply Chain


Technology to collect consumer data from connected, internet-enabled devices including proprietary hardware


Technology to map those data signals to real people in order to discover insights and answer the questions that are most critical


Technology to activate media back to a known person for 1-to-1 targeting, attribution and data monetization

Market, Advertise and Monetize With Gimbal