We started as a mobile rewards company.

(Here’s why we pivoted.)

Before transforming into The Mobile Majority, we were PaeDae – a company specializing in reward-based advertising.

Our concept was simple: play games, win deals.

Excitement grew as we tested our hypotheses. PaeDae watched engagement rates shoot through the roof as we built and deployed interactive advertising campaigns for our clients.

But over time, we could see that it was nearly impossible to scale PaeDae within the existing mobile ecosystem. The systems just didn’t work well together. As soon as our reward-based ads ran outside our SDK-based network, engagement rates plummeted – a sign that something outside our control was breaking. Large campaigns which needed precise targeting required a massive potential audience, and the broader scale of the entire mobile ecosystem.

When we tried accessing those outside tools, none of them seemed to work together. PaeDae generated high engagement rates within our network, but next to nothing when we bought outside our own.

We knew we had to fix the problem.

“There was a hole in the industry: our sky-high engagement rates showed what individuals and brands alike wanted. There was nothing out there to bridge the gap from the old mobile ad guard to the future. The Mobile Majority was born from the decision to fundamentally treat ads as apps and software.”

-Rob Emrich, Founder


An Opportunity to Impact the Industry

At that point, we had an epiphany: we needed to think about mobile differently and begin to treat mobile ads like software and not images. PaeDae started building AdKit™ – our proprietary solution grown from the decision to fundamentally treat ads as apps and software. There was so much more to measure and test in order to assure quality. This was the genesis of AdKit™, the first product in the AdSynergy™ platform.


In early 2014, The Mobile Majority started seed round funding, opting to raise money from LPs, family offices, and strategic investors and has yet to take institutional capital. The first year of The Mobile Majority has been marked by rapid growth and expansion, with offices in over 6 cities across the globe (including Brazil) and over 40 employees.

Today, we are leaping forward, providing solutions for the ever changing mobile advertising world.

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