Mobile DMPs

What is a Mobile DMP?

by | Mar 31, 2015

In our ever-evolving digital ecosystem, information is everywhere. It’s wholly ubiquitous and pervasive, coming in all forms and sizes, traveling across every imaginable medium.

For these reasons, it can sometimes be tough to get a proper grip on.

That’s where programmers, data scientists, and tech experts come in to provide us with state-of-the-art tools to better collect, manage and make sense of all that pesky (albeit incredibly useful) information.

One such tool, used by advertisers and publishers alike, is a data management platform – or DMP.

So What is a Mobile DMP?

A data management platform (DMP) acts as a centralized hub for all things data. It finds, stores, and analyzes every form of information from any source, enabling marketing professionals to develop accurate consumer insights quickly and effectively.

Mobile DMPs are specifically designed with mobile data in mind. From user IDs to location data, all of it is housed and analyzed to match marketers to the audiences they seek.

In short, DMPs offer a 360-degree view of the consumer, from what they buy and how they buy it, to where they go and what they do.

Integrated Power

DMPs have the potential to be incredibly powerful. As a Winterberry Group white paper, in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, declared back in 2012, “the DMP is the embodiment of a ‘Big Data’ solution for multichannel advertising, marketing, media and audience activation.”

In recent years, the rise of programmatic advertising and real-time bidding only furthers the need for this solution, as advertisers require the ability to sift through audience segments in milliseconds.

Today, the capabilities of the DMP continue to grow. The transition to mobile is only going to expedite that process.

Enter the Mobile DMP

Mobile advertising is the next frontier of ad tech yet unfortunately remains fragmented and underserved. Mobile’s ability to target and reach audiences with an astonishing level of accuracy is perfectly tailored to coordinate with what DMPs have to offer.

DMPs collect specific data points on a given audience’s behaviors, interests and actions that go towards informing strategic decisions. Now with mobile, those data points are increasing exponentially. It’s a potential treasure trove of data-fueled, actionable insight and understanding.

Now it’s our job to acquire it and yours to use it accordingly.

Here at The Mobile Majority, we’ve built our own mobile data management platform to create and leverage millions of data profiles from mobile users across the country. Moreover, our DMP synergizes completely with our entire suite of mobile ad tech products, including our very own mobile demand-side platform (DSP).

Making Sense of It All

No one wants to drown in an untamed tidal wave of mobile information. Research shows that marketers overwhelmingly believe that first-and-third party data integration is a core competency of the DMP. It’s a remarkable solution for a still-lingering list of problems that regrettably includes industry fragmentation and silos.

Attack the silos. Integrate. DMPs provide a way.