The Mobile Majority Wins UX Award for People’s Choice

by | Nov 18, 2015

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci

The smartphone may have brought to the world the most intuitive, user-friendly experience ever manufactured. And yet, for years, advertising on that device has been anything but.

When each step in the life of a mobile ad campaign is owned and operated by an independent platform, the user experience is sacrificed. The technologies may or may not work together, campaigns run inefficiently or break entirely, and it’s a headache to manage overall.

This was the problem The Mobile Majority sought to solve when the company built its platform: AdSynergy. In one platform, it housed everything a user would need to run a mobile campaign from start to finish, and to do so efficiently and effectively.

This was the result:

Now, The Mobile Majority is proud to announce its efforts have been honored with the 2015 User Experience Award for People’s Choice.


From left to right: Ilya Kaminsky, Michael Sueoka, Marcos Escalante, and Zachary Babtkis

With 600 total, The Mobile Majority received the most votes of any submission from the UX community. Also, those 600 votes averaged an impressive rating of 4.69 stars out of 5.

The award serves as a testament for what The Mobile Majority is building, and the effect it produces on those who witness the results.

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