The Mobile Majority IS Gimbal

by | Mar 29, 2017

If you were expecting to see The Mobile Majority’s site, you’re actually in the right place.

Five months ago, The Mobile Majority acquired Gimbal – a location and proximity data technology company located in San Diego.

It was an opportunity to not only add a significant cache of location data to our offering, but also a way to collect and connect that source data ourselves. By incorporating Gimbal’s products – namely their location management platform, enterprise-grade SDK, and beacons – to our existing media execution platform, we could finally offer our partners the necessary technology and data to run (or sell) media campaigns that target individual people – but at a massive scale.

Moreover, we could start doing it as a completely open and independent solution.

We knew then that fulfilling this vision would eventually prompt a name change. What we didn’t know was when that change would come.

Ideas Shape the Course of History

The name “The Mobile Majority” served our purpose well for over three years. At a time when mobile advertising was largely broken, we pivoted from our earliest assumptions and set out to fix it. The world went mobile and so did we. Our name needed to reflect this.

But as always, the world is changing. While mobile is still the first screen, it’s one of a growing many. The challenge is no longer limited to perfecting consumer engagement on any one screen. The challenge now is to connect these screens in an omnichannel view of today’s consumer. This is the future of our industry, and our company.

The acquisition of Gimbal provided us the opportunity to think about this future and the role we want to play. With our newfound hardware, software and firmware, it’s clear we can offer more than we ever have before. Because of this new truth, The Mobile Majority name no longer fits.

So what should we call ourselves?

It turns out the answer was right in front of us all along.

Introducing Gimbal

As the company that helped propel our vision forward, it only made sense to adopt their name. Gimbal already had the pedigree and a history of connecting the physical and digital worlds long before The Mobile Majority came along. Now together, we stand at the edge of a new era of advertising and marketing poised to create more precision for advertisers and marketers and more relevance for consumers than any other companies in this space.

So today, I am proud to announce that The Mobile Majority IS Gimbal.

Many things will remain the same. But there will be a ton of incredible new ideas and products, too. I’m excited to show everyone what’s in store.