Retailigence And Gimbal Partner To Provide Personalized Shopper Targeting, Messaging, In-aisle Engagement And Insights For Retailers And Brand Manufacturers

by | Nov 4, 2014

Deliver Cross-Retailer Platform for Brands to Leverage In-Store Beacons at Scale

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – November 4, 2014 – Retailigence, the leading online-to-offline marketing platform for driving sales in stores and Gimbal, the leader in location and proximity mobile engagement, today announced a strategic partnership that integrates in-store merchandise insights from Retailigence with Gimbal’s contextual awareness and proximity mobile engagement, including proximity beacons that support Apple’s iBeacon technology.

Together, Retailigence and Gimbal deliver unprecedented visibility into retailers’ stores, providing both product and shopper data and insights. The solution marries in-store product availability data with in-store beacons so that marketers can advertise the right product at the right time in the right place. By connecting the digital shopper with their real-life buying behaviors, retailers and brands can craft local and regional campaigns, sending targeted messages to the right shoppers, at the right time, and then measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing initiatives.

“Retailigence and Gimbal are taking a giant step forward in helping advertisers move away from untargeted mass marketing to precision marketing that is hyper-relevant to shoppers precisely in the locations with the highest potential for impulse purchase,” said Jeremy Geiger, CEO of Retailigence. “Brands have always known that 50% of their marketing didn’t work, but didn’t know which 50%. With this solution, they can target actual shoppers, already in a store, and ready to buy in-stock products, making a direct correlation to in-store sales.”

The Retailigence platform improves marketing ROI and attribution insights for brand advertisers. By working with retailers to acquire in-store, SKU-level inventory and pricing data, Retailigence offers insights that power unique ways to target consumers with the highest propensity to buy locally. Brands, retailers and agencies use the data to guide shoppers along path-to-purchase toward specific in-stock products or brands found in 150,000 U.S. brick-and-mortar stores.


Gimbal’s ’s proximity beacons are small transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to exchange encrypted data with mobile devices. Each beacon activates the mobile phone when it becomes within range and sends a message to a Gimbal-enabled mobile app in range of the beacon. The app platform then sends relevant information back to the device based on what the user has opted in for and the exact location of the user.

“This collaboration will enable brands and retailers to deliver targeted and relevant content to shoppers across any of the 150,000 stores in which Retailigence has inventory visibility, and where Gimbal beacons or geofence markers are deployed,” said Kevin Hunter, COO of Gimbal, Inc. ”Retailers can now use Gimbal proximity beacons to dynamically trigger messages about the most relevant available product or promotion in-store.”

Gimbal and Retailigence began testing the combined solution at shopping and event venues earlier this year, in order to be prepared for the 2014 holiday season.

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