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Reseller Agreement with BOO! Brings Gimbal Solutions to Brazil

by | Jun 23, 2016

Reseller Agreement with BOO! Brings Gimbal Solutions to Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil – June 9, 2016 – BOO! Participacoes S.A. and Gimbal, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to deliver location- and proximity-based mobile engagement solutions in Brazil and Central America.  BOO! uses chat-based artificial intelligence to manage and deliver content for commercial and cultural communications. In addition to BOO!’s proprietary database and content management system, Gimbal’s suite of macro- and micro-location solutions and management tools offer a robust infrastructure with industry-leading scale, flexibility and security. Under the partnership, BOO! Participacoes will be an authorized re-seller of Gimbal solutions in Brazil.  BOO! is also the first registered Gimbal app in Latin America. By integrating Gimbal, BOO! will further its ability to engage customers on their mobile devices with relevant shopping and entertainment information.

“BOO! is an assistant that helps you shop and find entertainment based on your preferences,” said Guilherme Franco, BOO!’s Director of Business Development and Partner. “For example, a person can create lists based on recipes for supermarket shopping and find it, find the best deals of the day in a shopping center, get specials on restaurants and find entertainment using a familiar, chat-based form of communication.”  BOO!’s first pilot project customers in Brazil include Natural da Terra supermarkets, the São Paulo WTC and other shopping center in Jardins.  “BOO! makes everyday trips more efficient, more social and more entertaining based on an accumulated knowledge of preferences of people with common behaviors. We can create a more personalized service, while still protecting individuals’ privacy. BOO will have clear opt-ins, so users will understand what information is required to deliver relevant content,” said Scott Meadow, BOO!’s CEO.

“We are pleased to be partnering with BOO and expanding Gimbal services into the Brazilian market,” said Brian Dunphy, Gimbal’s SVP of business development and strategic partnerships. “Our two platforms working together will give users new experiences across a wide variety of venues by combining the benefits of location services with artificial intelligence on a user’s device. Businesses in Brazil will now be able to engage mobile users with contextually relevant content at the right time and place.”

As a reseller of Gimbal technology in Brazil and Central America, BOO Participacoes helps businesses adapt their existing mobile apps to the best-in-class technology. Gimbal is the leading mobile engagement and location intelligence platform, helping leading enterprises better understand and engage mobile users in context.

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About BOO!

BOO! is the first Latin American urban mobility app using  “Goal Seeking” artificial intelligence chat that connects citizens and with products, services and cultural attractions using proximity and context sensitive technology.  The combination with the Gimbal platform provides businesses with data ownership and participation in a new mobile media ecosystem.  BOO!’s headquarters are in São Paulo with offices in Guatemala. Visit for more information.

About Gimbal
Gimbal is the leading mobile engagement and location intelligence platform helping enterprises and mobile publishers to understand and engage customers. Our platform combines macro-location geofences and micro-location beacons with a cloud-based solution to build, manage and analyze location-first mobile experiences. Working with marquee enterprises and mobile app publishers, Gimbal enables digital-style insights and engagement capabilities for physical places. Initially incubated within Qualcomm, Gimbal continues to innovate and invest in new ways to provide the best bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Visit for more information.


BOO! Participacoes S.A. Contact:
Guilherme Franco, Director Business Development
Phone: +5511 98137-0793

Gimbal Contact:
Victor Alcone, Marketing Manager

Phone: 1-858-256-7822