Ole Miss Links Beacon Technology and Rewards Program;

by | Jul 8, 2014

Ole Miss Links Beacon Technology and Rewards Program;
Integrates with Mobile App to Enhance Fan Experiences at Campus Events

Precision mobile marketing platform from Total Communicator Solutions uses Gimbal Beacons to check fans into games, offers rewards and updates game information

OXFORD, Miss. (July 8, 2014) — The University of Mississippi has launched the first beacon technology system in collegiate sports using mobile devices and custom programming to enhance the fan experience during games and link to a rewards program.

The new system includes the precision mobile marketing platform, Spark Compass, from Total Communicator Solutions, Inc., San Diego, a leader in mobile brand management and app development, and Gimbal, Inc., the leader in contextual awareness and proximity mobile engagement, including proximity beacons that support Apple’s iBeacon technology.

Michael Thompson, Ole Miss senior associate athletics director, said the Spark Compass platform and Gimbal’s contextual aware proximity platform integrate to deliver personalized, timely and relevant messages to game attendees using more than 100 Gimbal beacons with Apple’s iBeacon technology that is strategically placed throughout athletic venues on the 1,000-acre campus.

The new system and platform will be integrated into an updated Rebel Rewards app created by Total Communicator Solutions, which provides fans, alumni and students with current scoreboard information, game schedules and personalized dashboard content. Ole Miss Athletics will use Gimbal’s industry-leading beacon technology and app to check fans into campus events and deliver relevant notifications, alerts, offers and Rebel Rewards points. Rewards will include branded game-day attire, accessories, game tickets and much more.

“The beacon technology will not only enhance engagement among our existing fans, but continue to grow our loyal fan base,” said Thompson. “The project is the first of its type in collegiate sports to link to a rewards program. We believe it will lead the way to transforming the game day experience.”

Gimbal’s proximity beacons are small transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to exchange encrypted data with mobile phone devices. Each beacon activates the mobile phone when it becomes within range and sends a query to the Spark Compass platform. The platform then sends relevant information back to the device based on what the user has opted in for and the exact location of the user.

“Ole Miss has taken a huge technological leap forward in enhancing the fan experience,” said Erik Bjontegard, president and founder of Total Communicator Solutions. “Benefits include faster check in at sporting events, finding a seat within an unfamiliar venue and receiving relevant offers. The technology can also reduce operating costs by automating many manual procedures, such as use of scanners and QR codes. The first Ole Miss home game is Sept. 13 and we are looking forward to tracking fan reaction, analyzing how the system improved the fan experience and seeing what new features might be added.”

Recently, professional sports leagues, have begun planning to install Gimbal beacon systems in venues to drive consumer activity and engagement with teams, players and venues. Data drawn from beacon technology is also used to monitor consumer behavior and decisions, providing timely and relevant data for improving communications and marketing programs.

“Total Communication Solutions continues to bring compelling and innovative experiences to market utilizing Gimbal’s contextual awareness and proximity beacon technology in venues,” said Kevin Hunter, COO Gimbal Inc.  “We are seeing a strong demand in the professional sports world, and Ole Miss is leading the charge to bring it to the collegiate level on their campus.”

About the University of Mississippi
The University of Mississippi, which is known as OIe Miss, is a member of the NCAA and Southeastern Conference and features 18 varsity sports in its athletics department. Bearing the nickname Rebels and wearing the colors Cardinal Red and Navy Blue, these teams have produced 18 national championships and 125 conference titles since 1893, when the football program fielded the school’s first varsity squad. Based in Oxford, Miss., with a student enrollment of 22,286, Ole Miss operates with a $70 million athletics budget, and the department is in its second year under the leadership of Athletics Director Ross Bjork.

About Total Communicator Solutions Inc.
Founded in early 2012 by former Qualcomm executive Erik Bjontegard, Total Communicator Solutions Inc. develops innovative, fully integrated mobile marketing communication platforms and customized applications to help clients connect with users, customers and future users in meaningful and measurable ways on mobile devices. Its precision mobile marketing platform, Spark Compass™, integrates the Gimbal context aware and proximity platform from Gimbal, Inc., enabling the delivery of customized and relevant content for real-time consumer engagement. With numerous beacon installations in locations across the U.S. incorporating thousands of proximity beacons, the Spark Compass Platform is placing beacon networks in numerous market leading locations such as hospitals, university facilities and convention centers. Total Communicator Solutions Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, Mexico, London and New Zealand. Visit http://www.sparkcompass.com for more information.

About Gimbal, Inc.
Gimbal, Inc. is connecting brands, venues, events and retailers with their customers in exciting new ways by providing leading-edge mobile technologies and solutions. Our context awareness, proximity and personalization technologies allow brands to drive engagement and loyalty by interacting with their customers when, where and in the ways they’re most likely to engage and make purchase decisions. Visit http://www.infillion.wpengine.com for more information.

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