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The Mobile Majority Partners with ALS TDI to Deliver Mobile Campaign for Charity

by | Jul 17, 2015

The Mobile Majority, in concert with the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) and Hearst, is proud to announce the launch of a mobile advertising campaign built to bring greater awareness and fund research for ALS.

The charity campaign, set to run throughout the month of July, will serve 300 thousand impressions of specially-designed mobile ad creative for (an example is shown below).

From Colette O’Neill, Senior Director of Marketing, Communications and PR at

“ and our laboratory, the ALS Therapy Development Institute very much value our partnership with The Mobile Majority and Hearst! We are humbled by their generosity and support of the work we do each day to find effective treatments on a path to cure ALS. We are confident that the mobile advertising campaign will bring greater awareness and fund research for ALS. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity!”

Our hope is that this campaign will connect audiences not only with the harrowing details of the disease itself, but also – and perhaps more importantly – with the human stories behind the disease.

One such story can be found within the ranks of The Mobile Majority. Our own Alex Steady, who coordinated the launch of the campaign and now manages its progress, shares his thoughts:

“ALS really hits home for me. My brother’s best friend, who’s like another brother to me, was diagnosed with ALS in college. He’s now lived with it for seven years. It’s a privilege and honor to watch his display of strength in the face of such a debilitating disease. You can read about his story here. I really wanted to start this campaign as a way to give back to the charities and organizations that are close to the heart of the ALS Therapy Development Institute, in the hopes that we can soon find a cure.”

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a devastating neurodegenerative disease that affects over 30,000 people in the U.S. alone, and an estimated 450,000 people worldwide.

The disease attacks the nerve cells of the brain and spinal chord, resulting in muscle failure, eventual paralysis, and an expected lifespan after diagnosis of only 2-5 years.

Often, those diagnosed with ALS lose their ability to walk, talk and even perform basic human functions like eating without aid. The brain still functions, but it loses its ability to control muscles, trapping those diagnosed inside their own body.

There is no cure for ALS.

By bringing greater awareness, education, and funding to the cause, hopefully we can change that.

This campaign is fueled by a partnership between The Mobile Majority and Hearst, one of the largest media companies in the U.S. Together, we form the Mobile Ad Council, dedicated to producing public service advertising for the mobile space.

About the Mobile Ad Council

The Mobile Ad Council’s mission is to provide a voice for significant public issues, to raise awareness and promote education of important causes. We’re here to enact change.

All of The Mobile Ad Council’s campaigns are produced pro-bono: from the agency creative to media buyers, who donate their services on a completely volunteer basis.

Our campaigns are low maintenance and easy to setup, and all assets are provided by our team. We work with ‘issue experts’ from each sponsored non-profit organization prior to and during each campaign. We ensure our PSAs will make an impact throughout the country, targeting mobile users via various media who donate free time and space to all of our campaigns.

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