Your Mobile Ads, Put to Use

The Add-to-Wallet ad unit with Apple Wallet integration allows for a coupon or pass to be programmatically-generated with dynamic content to entice consumers to purchase your products on-location with special promotions and deals. This is one you’ll want to tap into.

“59% of consumers say their opinion of a retailer would be more positive if they started to receive coupons and offers that could be saved on their smartphones.”

Advanced Features

Save to Apple Wallet

Gone are the days of serving ads solely for the purpose of awareness. Add-to-Wallet gets in front of consumers and stays top-of-mind with direct Apple Wallet integration.

Consumers can now save your coupons, promotions, and more right onto their mobile device.

Congratulations. The life of your media campaign just got a whole lot longer.

Location-Triggered Recall

When an Add-to-Wallet ad unit is saved to a smartphone, it automatically generates and stores up to 10 of the nearest locations where the coupon can be redeemed.

Our powerful location-management platform allows advertisers to automatically send a push notification when the user is near one of those locations in the future.

Custom-Tailored Messaging via

Dynamic Coupon Content

Tap into a variety of sources to customize your ads and redemption messaging based on who sees it – including CRM, time, location, weather, and demographic data.


“Take 20% off, John.”


“Doors open in two days. Come on by!”


East Coast – “Here’s 10% off at Hardee’s”
West Coast – “Here’s 10% off at Carl’s Jr.”

Complete Customization

Each element of the card can be customized, making the unit useful for more than just coupons. The Add-to-Wallet functionality is also perfect for:

  • Promo Codes to engage customers to redeem specific offers
  • Event Passes to promote users to attend or visit specific events
  • Store Loyalty cards, discount cards, points cards, gift cards, and more

Track the effectiveness of your campaign with on-site attribution through Arrival.

Use Add-to-Wallet in Your Next Media Campaign