Martin Outdoor Initiates Pilot Beacon Technology Program in the City of Los Angeles

by | Oct 16, 2014

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Martin Outdoor Media, LLC has announced a limited pilot program with approval from the City of Los Angeles to determine ways beacon technology can provide timely and personal information to residents and visitors based on their proximate location.

A secure, closed network of Gimbal Bluetooth Smart beacons have been affixed to a small percentage of bus benches in the City of Los Angeles. Martin is the exclusive bus bench vendor within the City of Los Angeles. The beacon platform provides municipalities, events, museums, social media mobile apps, brands, service providers and retail the opportunity to disseminate information and content to individuals based on their proximity if they have opted-in to mobile applications that have been enabled with Gimbal technology.

“The pilot program is in its infancy and we believe this provides a great opportunity for app developers in a wide spectrum of services to provide individuals who have opted-in to receive more personalized, targeted services and information. We specifically selected Gimbal Proximity Beacons because of their best in class security and consumer-controlled privacy at the app level,” said Randy Smith, CEO, Martin Outdoor Media, LLC.

As more and more cities identify ways to become “smart,” Martin envisions Gimbal proximity beacon technology as a major step in helping cities to become more connected and deliver a greater experience to its residents and visitors. Beacon technology engages individuals who have opted-in with information, content and offers that are most relevant to them, in real-time, based on their proximity to beacons. The pilot program is seeking to better understand how proximity can be used to benefit the consumer through apps that have consumer-controlled privacy with up-front opt-in, comprehensive and easy-to-digest privacy controls, and the ability opt-out at any time.

“Gimbal beacons bridge the digital and physical world to provide passive mobile engagement,” said Kevin Hunter, COO, Gimbal. “Through Gimbal beacons and the Gimbal proximity platform, mobile users securely discover and learn about things that are relevant and meaningful to them, filtering out the irrelevant and offering more personalized experiences.”

Martin will use Gimbal Bluetooth Smart beacons that cannot store any consumer information and operate solely in a transmit-only mode somewhat similar to GPS. They only work if a consumer downloads and opts-in to an app that has the Gimbal technology embedded and the beacons do not track or monitor what the consumer does on his/her phone. Gimbal has earned TRUSTe’s certification for consumer-controlled privacy.

“There are a number of ways we envision beacon technology enhancing the lives of Los Angeles residents and visitors to this great city,” said Smith. “Potential use cases could be transit solutions and information, traffic updates, emergency services, points of interest and attraction information, cultural events and activities, social services, as well as opportunities for brands and retail to engage consumers based on their proximity. We look forward to working with the Gimbal developer ecosystem on bringing new innovative consumer experiences to Los Angeles.”

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