New Legacy Device Type Inventory Announced

by | Apr 1, 2015

The next big thing in rich-media mobile inventory is here.

At The Mobile Majority, we have been working on something that began as an internal pet project of one of our developers and grew into something much larger than we ever could have expected. Today, we’re excited to announce it to the world.

The Past Is the Future

Remember the first time you got a Razr flip phone, and the TV commercials where they literally threw the phone into the ground and it stuck like a spear? So cool. Man, that thing was awesome.

Besides being a suitable replacement for a throwing knife, we’ve unearthed a whole other opportunity for the vaunted flip phone of years past: rich-media mobile ad inventory.

Yep. An entire untapped source of inventory that no other mobile DSP is able to offer.

Years Ahead of the Competition

As Marcos Escalante, Head of Product, describes it:

“We noticed a small, but interesting market of ad inventory on these devices. It made us wonder ‘Who are these people’ and ‘Why shouldn’t they get to see award-winning rich media ads?’ So we worked on it for like 45 minutes and came up with some really killer stuff.”

That’s right, killer stuff.

Here’s a quick visualization of what is possible on devices of yore.

Today, we’re excited to announce AdKit™ support for legacy flip phones and first generation “smartphones” in our new, comprehensive platform we’re calling the April Fools Software Development Kit, or AFSDK for short.