Buddy and Gimbal Leverage IoT Data and Beacon Technology

by | Aug 29, 2016

Growing importance of IoT data

We all know the IoT industry is growing at a massive rate meaning devices and sensors are playing an increasing role in how we transmit IoT data. Businesses and brands need to understand how important is it to leverage the data that is generated through our devices to gain intelligence on consumer behavior that can help drive a better customer experience.

Mobile devices provide a way for businesses to connect with customers through personalized mobile messaging like two-way communication, push notifications or other alerts. These devices help us seamlessly communicate with other sensors and can present valuable insights as we travel from location to location. For example, a customer is in a certain retail store and the app on their phone sends a message to the in-store sensor that reads who they are, how often they shop there, what was the last item they purchased, etc. The real-time exchange of data gives businesses the opportunity to provide personalized mobile ads to influence the next purchase in-store. Each scenario provides a wealth of data being transmitted from the beacon sensor to the mobile or IoT device, generating a massive volume of data.

Beacon technology can improve the customer experience

Since announcing our partnership with Buddy (one of the world’s first data aggregation and management platforms for the IoT and connected devices), we’ve been busy collaborating together to showcase how our joint solution combining beacons with other IoT signals can provide key data points for retailers to improve the customer experience through mobile engagement, analytics and visualizations.

Learn more about how we are working together and some of the recent use cases we’ve developed to paint a better picture on how retailers can leverage beacon technology to track customer behavior and enhance the overall experience. It’s not just about aggregating the data, but also interpreting the metrics to understand real world behavior. We defined some key KPIs (conversion rate, mobile engagement rate, etc) to measure the success of beacons and proximity along with metrics to better understand customer behaviors.

Click here for your free download of “Comprehensive data infrastructure for devices,” overview of how IoT data and beacon technology can work together.

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