With Analytiks.ai, Infillion to Offer the Most Advanced Standard in In-Store and Venue Visitation

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PR Contact: Alyssa Kehoe, DiGennaro Communications | alyssa.kehoe@digennaro-usa.com

LOS ANGELES, September 28, 2022 – Today, Infillion acquired Analytiks.ai, an in-store visitation technology company that generates hyper-accurate traffic counting and zone visit metrics for venue owners. Built atop Cisco Meraki optical sensoring infrastructure, Analytiks delivers multi-entrance and exit guest detection, occupancy monitoring, and rules-based alerting for store operations and marketing managers. With in-store POI and zone labeling, teams get a better understanding of what is happening in real-time with 99% accuracy.

“Analytiks is thrilled to join the Infillion team,” said JP Bray, CEO of Analytiks. “Being part of a premier and well-established tech organization like Infillion allows us to leverage the company’s industry expertise, existing relationships, and resources to further accelerate our product development and to continue our expansion in the U.S., Europe, and abroad.”

Analytiks expands Infillion’s location technology portfolio beyond its flagship Gimbal product, to deliver even more accurate privacy-secure measurement solutions that allow brands and advertisers to understand digital and physical customer behavior.

“The Analytiks offering sets a new standard in privacy compliance and location tech accuracy measurement and analytics,” said Rob Emrich, Founder and Executive Chair, Infillion.

Analytiks’ customer base boasts large global retailers like Peloton, Bell, and Decathlon, though the solution is broadly applicable to airports, entertainment venues, educational institutions, hospitality, office buildings, medical facilities, and more. 

The acquisition is complete and the Montreal-based Analytiks team will expand Infillion’s footprint in Canada.

Read the official announcement here.