With the holidays right around the corner, there is no way to avoid the impending shopping frenzy build up. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, deal-seeking consumers will sift through Sunday circulars and rush online in search of the best deals of the season.

Mobile’s role in the experience is unquestionable. From photo browsing to actual online shopping sessions between tryptophan-inducing meals, the smartphone will continue to impact how consumers are exposed to, interact with, and decide to buy from retailers – both virtually and in-person.

An obvious factor of the holiday shopping frenzy is the sense of “saving” a brand can trigger. According to a September 2016 survey from Bazaarvoice and CMO Council:

“More than 70% of U.S. internet users said their purchase decisions were influenced by coupons and discounts.”1

While the convenience of online shopping alternatives can be attractive to some, physical retailers can take advantage of one feature the smartphone has to offer that online retailers can’t: physical location.

After significant research and development efforts from our Ad Engineering team, we are excited to announce our newest mobile ad unit: Add-to-Wallet.

What is an Add-to-Wallet Coupon Ad Unit?

While digital coupons aren’t exactly new, Gimbal’s own Add-to-Wallet Mobile Coupon Ad has a number of unique features that aren’t offered anywhere else. This ad unit transforms traditional programmatic mobile media campaigns into an experience Apple iPhone users can save for redemption at a later date.

Add-to-Wallet User Flow

First, Add-to-Wallet combines the ability to reach precise, location-based audiences across 180,000 mobile apps and websites with lower-funnel marketing activities often reserved for in-app experiences.

Not only does the unit allow brands to promote products through programmatic mobile media (awareness), it incentivizes consumers to interact with the ad (engagement), save it to their device (consideration), and redeem the offer using a custom promotion at a point-of-sale system when purchasing your product (conversion).

Secondly, the unit combines both Gimbal’s location management technology with Apple’s native iOS functionality to enable location-based recall triggers. In conjunction with Apple’s location services framework, advertisers can push a notification to alert users that the coupon can be redeemed at nearby participating locations. You control the message, Apple pushes it out.

Lastly, Add-to-Wallet provides marketers a way to gauge the effectiveness of their campaign by tracking physical-location store visits – and dwell times – after an ad exposure through the use of our attribution product, Arrival.

Advanced Features: Add-to-Wallet Mobile Ad

Location-Based Reminders via Push Notification

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the Add-to-Wallet Coupon Ad unit is its ability to send a push notification when the user is near a location where the coupon can be redeemed.

This functionality extends the usefulness of the media campaign and makes offers hyper-relevant as consumers travel around their city. In fact, a recent survey done by Valassis noted that 57% of consumers said they have visited a business after receiving an offer on their mobile device when they were near that location.2

But what happens if there are a lot of participating locations? For example, if a user sees a Starbucks ad, will they be sent a notification anytime they drive past only of their 13,000 stores?

No. The ten closest participating Starbucks at the time the Card is saved would be automatically loaded onto the coupon. Then, when the user walks past any of those 10 stores, a notification message would pop up on their phone inviting them in to redeem.

Dynamic Coupon Content

Add-to-Wallet Creative Components
Gimbal’s Add-to-Wallet ad unit is also able to dynamically generate coupon content before the ad is served. Creative elements may include custom information like the name of the user, environment-triggered data like the weather, a countdown to a certain event, location-based marketing messages, and more.

For example, if you’re a restaurant group like CKE Restaurants, you can dynamically serve variations of an ad based on a consumer’s current location. For example, “Here’s 10% off at Hardee’s” for those on the East Coast and “Here’s 10% off at Carl’s Jr.” for those on the West Coast.

Time-based calls-to-action (“Doors open in two days, come on by”) can add a sense of urgency and even identity-based messaging (“Take 20% off, John”) are possible through CRM integration of the advertiser.

Each element of the Card can be customized, making the Add-to-Wallet functionality perfect for:

  • Mobile coupons to stay relevant with consumers by offering coupons that always live on the phone
  • Promo codes to engage customers to redeem specific offers
  • Event passes to promote users to attend or visit specific events
  • Store loyalty cards, discount cards, reward cards, gift cards, and more

Launch Your Own Add-to-Wallet Campaign

The new Add-to-Wallet ad unit can be a powerful tool in the belt of an advertiser trying to drive foot traffic to their retail locations during the busy holiday season. Click the button below to learn more, or explore all of the rich-media Creative options Gimbal has to offer.

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