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Gimbal Analytics Dashboards Get a Makeover – 3 Things to Get Excited About

by | Feb 18, 2016

We’ve been working hard this winter in the arctic tundra that is San Diego and are happy to announce some exciting new changes coming to Gimbal in 2016! The first of which is a makeover to Gimbal Analytics Dashboards that we will be rolling out in the coming weeks.  Gimbal Analytics allows you to use location intelligence data and insights from your physical sites to understand your customer journey to measure the performance of your macro and micro-location network.

We’d like to take this blog post to walk you through the awesome new updates we’ve made to improve the accessibility of your dashboards.

Understand your Customers Journey in the Physical world

As you launch your location and proximity strategy one of the first steps is to look into how your places are set up.  With the Gimbal platform your “places” can be a combination of macro-locations (places that require geofences, such as airports) or micro-locations (places that use beacons to detect proximity from 50 meters down). To make it as easy as possible to understand the journey your customers take in the physical world, Gimbal Analytics Dashboards have user-friendly reporting, robust report types like heatmaps and intuitive filters that let viewers of reports quickly for e.g. drill-down to Place Visit and Beacon Visit heatmaps, number of visits to a place, platform distribution,etc.

Gimbal Analytics Dashboards - Heatmap Reports

Gimbal Analytics Dashboards – Heatmap Reports

Manage all of your Physical Sites from One Screen

Generally, the problem with reports that live in dashboards is that at first glance its difficult for a viewer to quickly and intuitively understand what a graph is supposed to explain and know what to look at next. In the Gimbal Analytics Dashboards, we addressed this by building in functionality that makes it easy to manage all of your Gimbal Places from one screen. One request we heard from our customers was to add functionality to improve the ability to export specific reports from the Gimbal Analytics Dashboard and with our upcoming release users will have it.  Now even individual segments of reports can be exported seamlessly. Furthermore, to make navigating to a specific view of a report in Gimbal Analytics Dashboards is easier than ever with an intuitive navigation that gives easy access to filters, such as data, time or multiple beacon groupings and places.

Gimbal Analytics Dashboards _Places

Gimbal Analytics Dashboards – On the Go!

The third update we’ve made to Gimbal Analytics Dashboards is to make them more mobile.  We’ve done this by making our dashboards more responsive across mobile devices and improving the load time for reports. Together this means that testing the mobile engagements you’ve created for your customers in your Gimbal Places will be easier to test from any device – regardless of whether it is a football stadium or 100 big box retail locations.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Gimbal Analytics Dashboards and our premium dashboards fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you after these new exciting updates go live in the coming weeks!