Gimbal Relaunches the “Gimbal Foundation” to Deliver Ad Campaigns for Charity

by | Jul 21, 2017

Too often is advertising associated merely with profit – for promoting a brand or selling a product. But limiting the power of advertising solely to those endeavors short-changes the opportunity to do some actual good.

There are causes out there that are really worth advertising for.

Which is why we are supremely excited to announce the official relaunch of the now-named Gimbal Foundation (formerly the “Majority Foundation”) program.

The Gimbal Foundation Mission

The Gimbal Foundation’s mission is to provide a voice for significant public issues, to raise awareness, and promote the education of important causes.

We’re here to enact change.

The Gimbal Foundation works to bring together non-profit organizations in need of a louder voice with far-reaching media companies desiring to affect change. The media companies donate a portion of their inventory to the charity’s ad campaign.

All of The Gimbal Foundation’s campaigns are produced pro-bono: from the agency creative to media buyers, who donate their services on a completely volunteer basis.

Our campaigns are low maintenance and easy to setup, and all assets are provided by our team. We work with ‘issue experts’ from each sponsored non-profit organization prior to and during each campaign. We ensure our PSAs will make an impact throughout the country, targeting mobile users via various media who donate free time and space to all of our campaigns.

Creating a New Generation of Readers

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a handful of organizations already this year that are doing great work across the country.

Words Alive, an organization dedicated to cultivating a love and appreciation for reading to empower communities, worked with us to help promote their Share Your Love of Reading campaign.

The mobile campaign featured both banner and interstitial ads that together garnered a total of 106,161 impressions, increasing the organization’s website traffic by 2,399 total visits. Much of that traffic arrived directly at the Share Your Love of Reading landing page.

“Words Alive is grateful for the Gimbal Foundation’s in-kind support, which included creating advertisements and running a month-long campaign promoting one of our signature programs — Share Your Love of Reading,” said Jeffrey Goldman, Board Chair of Words Alive. “They enabled our organization to present our mission to new audiences, and working with their professional team was a seamless experience for our staff.”

Housing. Support. Hope.

With the goal of increasing visibility into its work and efforts, Compass Family Services ran what they called the “largest ad campaign ever” – which is saying something for an organization that’s been around for over 100 years.

Compass Family Services works to ensure that at-risk families never fall into homelessness, but instead obtain “housing stability, emotional and physical health, and economic self-sufficiency.”

The campaign was designed to drive traffic to the organization’s new website and achieved just under 1,000 clicks on mobile.

“We’re very grateful for Gimbal’s thoughtfulness, time, and talents doing this campaign,” said Stacy Webb, Communications and Corporate Relations Manager for Compass. “Creating the ads and following up with us on timing was amazing! Nonprofits are usually so busy with projects and fundraising – all on top of the important program work – so we really appreciate when there is increased assistance on preparing graphics and being flexible with launching a campaign like this.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been honored to work with other organizations who champion fantastic causes, including Teens Exploring Technology and Family Promise – with more on the way for later this year.

A Call to Action

Yet there is always more that can be done.

If you know of (or take part in) any organization that could benefit from additional advertising, we’d love to help.