5 Ways to Prepare for CES

5 Pieces of Advice before Heading to CES 2016

by | Dec 30, 2015

It’s that time of the year again. Gifts have been exchanged, holiday feasts have been consumed, and the last thing to do is watch the ball drop and ring in the New Year. All of this can only mean one thing… CES is coming! The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) will descend on Vegas Jan. 6-9, as it does every year and with it bring the ability to touch, feel and hear the latest, coolest innovations in consumer technology.

But as you’re finalizing your game plan for CES 2016 our Gimbal Team of seasoned CES veterans shared their words of wisdom and we’ve compiled an easy list of advice.

1. Don’t Expect to Spend Much Time on the Show Floor
Perhaps you’ve heard about all of the cool technology that covers the Las Vegas Convention Center and pretty much all nearby properties. The truth is there is a good chance you won’t have enough time to walk the show floor. You will most likely be in meetings with customers and those usually happen in hotels. Maybe you’re meeting them on the show floor you say? In that instance you’ll probably be rushing to get to your meeting on time so you won’t have the opportunity to look around the floor.

2. Pace Yourself
Vegas Baby Vegas!!! If you will be at CES longer than a day, take it easy and don’t party too hard the first night. Actually, that goes even if you’re at CES less than a day. Let’s say you start your CES experience at the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon and arrive in Vegas right after New Year’s Day and you plan to stay all through the conclusion of the show. That would be a week of Vegas, seven complete days of non-stop meetings, events, panels, customer dinners and parties. You will have long days and nights during CES so stay healthy and get as much sleep as you can. Even if you take it easy, you’ll likely be exhausted but take it from some CES pros and pace yourself and pack some Vitamin C and hand sanitizer!

3. Make Dinner Reservations
Vegas has a vast variety of restaurants and is known as a gastronomical hub of the United States. During CES, Vegas’ most popular restaurants get booked solid. To prevent you from taking your customers to the food court, make dinner reservations in advance. The more notice you book your dining options the better off you will be. We also recommend booking multiple dinner reservations at different times per night. The reason for this is that you never know the opportunity will arise to have a key meeting, and you’ll need to split teams across dinners and/or have options available. Book now!

4. Good Shoes are Key
This one maybe a bit obvious but wear comfortable shoes. At CES you will walk a lot and will stand a lot, waiting for taxis, shuttles, and the monorail. Often a taxi is not an option because of traffic and that will mean you’ll need to walk between properties. Bring more than one pair of comfortable shoes should your go-to comfortable pair decide to fail you at the 25,000 step mark. Also, make sure to bring a portable phone charger or two. You will walk a lot and use your phone a lot to navigate so a phone charger will help you should you not have access to a plugin charger.

5. Add Buffers of Time
Finally, don’t expect to get anywhere fast. There will be long taxi lines and congested streets all making it challenging to get around Vegas during CES. Remember to add enough buffers of time between transitions to meetings to ensure that you get to your meetings on time. However, even with the most generous time buffers, you could end up being later, or your customer could be running late. Take it with stride because a lot of people at CES are likely in the same boat.

CES is a great place to connect with colleagues, customers, and prospective client. Enjoy and make sure you get the best out of it. One final bit of advice — always split aces and eights.